The Process

To produce beautiful images together and enjoy the overall experience, we will need to meet with you beforehand for a pre-portrait sitting consultation to better understand what your desires and expectations are, learn about your story and personality, and finally, show the samples of the final printed product we are proud to deliver. This is the time when we discuss the details starting from the location, style, props, clothes and make up, finishing with the particular requirements that you might have, especially if you have small kids. 

At the portrait sitting we will devote all the time needed to achieve the desired result, even if it means meeting repeatedly at at different locations. We want you to have only the best images, those that are living up to and exceeding your expectations. We want you, your children, your loved ones not to feel rushed, to be able to relax and feel happy.

In a couple of days after the portrait sitting, we will contact you to get together to shortlist the best images that will be later post-processed and printed at our in-house. You will discover the selection of archival fine art museum quality papers and canvases that will beautifully complement your portraits.

In two to four weeks from the date of the session, your artworks are ready! 

I am happy to provide a complementary consultation on where to hang the portraits at your home/office to match best with your interior and be able to preserve your artwork in best condition.

For family, kids, couples, maternity, newborns, there really is NO session fee! After a portrait sitting you will be able to order the portraits you want to have printed. There is no minimal order, we believe the best way to serve you is to charge you only for what you love. As such, you may order as many portraits (or as few) as you like.

All our packages offer flexible payment options. Please, contact us to inquire about the individual packages and a la carte options.